Are CQC Inspections of Local Authority Adult Social Care Provision Set to Return

It’s widely expected that when the Social Care Bill becomes law the CQC will resume responsibility for inspecting local authority adult social care provision.

Depending on how you look at it, this could either be a sensible way to ensure that all parts of the adult social care system work well and highlight problem areas for improvement, or it could be an attempt to offload blame for a failing system onto underfunded authorities.

However, perhaps the motivation matters less than the practical impact? Local authorities will need to demonstrate that they have robust systems in place to assess service user needs and match those needs to available provision.

It’s worth noting too that the DHSC has said many times and in many forums that they expect technology to play a pivotal role in making social care more efficient, more connected, and easier for service users to navigate.


How Well Does Brokerage (Care Placement) Work Today?


It’s inevitable that care brokerage or placement will be a major focus of attention. You could argue that brokerage is the engine room of effective care arrangement and provision. So how will brokerage systems powered by spreadsheets, emails and phone calls fare in the event of an inspection?

It isn’t as though there aren’t alternatives. The eBrokerage by UDMS solution is a cloud-based platform where a range of care services can be brokered and placed efficiently and securely. It’s proven and it’s usually self-financing. All types of care brokerage and placement can take place in a secure marketplace that doesn’t rely on emails, phone calls and spreadsheets. 

Predicting what systems CQC inspections would expect to see in place for care brokerage is never a perfect science. But a system based on secure cloud technology would seem to tick most of the boxes.

eBrokerage by UDMS not only simplifies life for care brokerage teams, it’s also easier for care providers to manage at a time when they need as much help as we can give them. It speeds up the process of matching the right care service to the right person.

The highly flexible eBrokerage by UDMS solution can be implemented within a few weeks and is easy to procure through the G-Cloud 12 framework, via Ulysses eBrokerage Cloud Software.

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