About NewCare

NewCare is a secure software solution that has been in constant development since the birth of our Care Division.

The time we have spent listening to our customer’s requirements over these years has given us a unique perspective on what we need to deliver to provide an all-encompassing system and dramatically improve the way you work.

Key Features – NewCare

NewCare has many features, all developed with our clients in mind and at their request, over our 25 years in the marketplace.

It is the most thorough Care Management System in the industry and is used by some of the largest and most innovative Care Businesses. Some of our features include:

  • Scheduling; allocate staff based on a template or various algorithms, such as Mileage & continuity.
  • HR Management; managing HR from new staff applications to Qualification Expiry.
  • New Business Management; manage new business inquiries and marketing.
  • Payroll & Invoicing; Run and export your financial reports based on YOUR business rules.
  • Task Creation; Create tasks for your carers to complete with each service user.
  • Management Reporting; run numerous existing reports, or we can create your own.
  • As well as much more!

The chances are if you want something in particular, we either have it built-in or can implement it quickly, so please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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