ConnectedCare Mobile

About ConnectedCare Mobile

Connected Care are Ulysses’ suite of mobile applications. Available on any platform, ConnectedCare links with the NewCare flagship product to allow improved communication between office and carer. ConnectedCare also allows Real-Time data transfer, ensuring that the office receives the most up to date, notes, times and communications from their staff.

If you are in an area of poor signal, don’t worry! ConnectedCare works completely offline, storing any data entered until back in signal area. This ensures that your carers have peace of mind, when delivering their care, that the technology provided will do as it should.

Key Features – Connected Care

As standard, our flagship application Connected Care has the following features

  • Rota Views on a day, 2 day and weekly view
  • Logging on & off/monitoring using QR codes and NFC tags (GPS tracked scan)
  • Access to client details (address etc..) with Google maps built in.
  • Carer to Carer calling
  • Access to shift notes
  • Access to task listings
  • Internal messaging and push notifications so you can contact your carers direct through the app and ability to know when the message has been read.
  • Ability to work off line and upload data when back in network

As well as this, you will also receive access to our 0800 monitoring service included in the package.

Key Features – Connected Care Enterprise

Get all the features of Connected Care and increase its productivity even more with the following features added on…

Task Manager

Allows carers to tick off tasks as they are complete and leave reasons and reason codes should a task not be completed. This will feed straight back in to NewCare in real-time and alert you when required.

Liquid Forms

Ask us for more information regarding our new Liquid Form technology

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