Brokering Care Packages By Outcomes – Why Not?

The idea of brokering care packages based on outcomes rather than hours isn’t new. For over a decade it’s been recognised as a potentially more empowering way to broker care; one that would be better for service users. It could also deliver greater value both for private funders and publicly funded care.

Each individual care provider will say – with justification – that they aim to empower their clients to live as independently as possible. But at the macro level behaviour is driven by incentives, rewards and what organisations are actually contracted to deliver. More bluntly: if you buy hours, you’ll get hours.


Making Time for Reform


The fact that the majority of care packages are still fundamentally hours-based illuminates another reality. This is that systems and processes that would benefit most from radical change are the ones under the most pressure. How do you create the space for radical reform, reskilling and refocusing when brokerage teams are stretched, demand is rising and the provider marketplace is increasingly volatile?

Adding any layer of complexity into the brokerage system (while changing nothing else) essentially means having more people. 

Or – it means making the work of existing brokers significantly more productive.


Automation Gives You Options


Your priority might be to migrate to outcomes-based care packages. Or it could be to develop the strategic role of your brokerage team. They could then help your care provider network improve quality levels and adapt their services to meet changing needs. But while everyone is working flat out using emails, phones and spreadsheets just to get care packages filled, there just isn’t time to do much else.

eBrokerage by UDMS uses secure cloud technology to streamline the mechanics of the brokerage process. Packages are quickly loaded and posted into an online marketplace. Here, preferred providers can bid for them. It doesn’t matter to the system whether the package is based on hours of care delivered, outcomes for the service user, or any combination you choose. Packages are then assigned with a few clicks. Compliance and monitoring are also highly automated.

Apart from making the whole process more resilient, eBrokerage saves time. It delivers the breathing space that will allow brokerage teams to apply their expertise and develop a more pivotal role in helping to shape provision and shift the focus from hours to outcomes.

eBrokerage by UDMS is a unique, secure, cloud-based brokerage system. It can be implemented within a few weeks and is easy to procure through the G-Cloud 12 framework, via Ulysses eBrokerage Cloud Software.

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