Care Brokerage, Remote Working and Planning for the Future

When the guidance for people to work from home no longer applies, how will you react? And what would happen if there was a resurgence of Coronavirus or another emergency – an event that meant brokerage teams and other staff suddenly had to return to remote working?

These are very real questions for many organisations at the moment.

For some, the return to the office will be a relief. Chances are this is because remote working was challenging and even a bit of a worry. It was hard to find information, laborious to get things done and even harder to keep track of what was happening. And data security? Let’s not go there.

Others have options. They have the freedom to choose when staff work from the office or from other locations. They know that their service will keep rolling efficiently, effectively and securely wherever people are.


Prepared for the Worst


They also know that if the worst happened and they had to close the office for a period of time there’d be no interruption. Work would carry on and care packages would still find their way to suitable providers.

Across many sectors there are plenty of organisations in no rush to pull everyone back into the office – at least not full time. People are quite happy with the flexibility. So office space needs are being reassessed.

The difference is whether or not work has moved onto a secure, cloud-based platform. The cloud doesn’t care where you are as long as you have a WiFi connection and a device. For disaster recovery and contingency planning cloud platforms are hard to beat – they also reduce overheads.

So is there a secure cloud-based platform for social care brokerage that you can implement quickly, no matter what social care management system you currently use? There is. It’s eBrokerage from Ulysses. It makes care brokerage streamlined, efficient and ready to cope with whatever the future has in store.

eBrokerage is also easy to procure through the G-Cloud 12 framework, via Ulysses eBrokerage Cloud Software and it could be up and running in around two weeks following order.

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