If You Want Remote Working To Work – Here’s What You Need To Know

Remote working became a fact of life for many organisations in 2020 – including care brokerage teams. In many cases its proved to be surprisingly productive and popular. But in other organisations it’s proved to be a struggle. So what’s the most significant factor that determines remote working success or failure?

This is a highly significant question because the need for remote working is going to be with us for some time. Even if the first crop of Covid-19 vaccines are successful it will be many months before working life goes back to anything like the way it was. If it ever does.

For some, there will be no turning back. Remote working has proved productive and, in reality, even more efficient than before. It cuts overhead costs and simplifies communications. So why would you change?

If that doesn’t sound like your experience of remote working you’ll probably want to read what comes next.


Cloud-Enabled Remote Working


The critical difference is in the systems and processes that organisations use. Secure cloud technology is the factor that underpins virtually every successful remote working transition. It’s cost effective, efficient and easily managed.

Secure cloud technology enables organisations to create an infrastructure through which remote teams collaborate using accessible applications and shared data. Sharing data ensures that nobody is using out of date information.

If we take care brokerage in particular, the systems used are often outdated and cumbersome. Brokers are heavily reliant on spreadsheets, emails and phone calls to get care packages placed. While those processes can be made to work when teams are centrally located, there are significant risks in terms of data security, inefficiency and tasks being missed when teams are dispersed.


Remote Care Brokerage


A platform such as Ulysses eBrokerage is a simple and effective way to enable secure remote working and connect brokerage teams with care providers. There is a single environment for every process and communication – from posting and awarding care packages, through to delivery and compliance.

The brokerage teams that were already using eBrokerage found the transition to remote working easy to make. The added efficiency in the process also enabled those teams to cope with the extra demands of the Covid-19 pandemic. It offers those teams the option of continuing with some level of remote working even after the pandemic because the system doesn’t care about or depend on where you are located.

When you factor in the efficiencies, eBrokerage is usually self-funding. It can be up and running for your brokerage team within two weeks. And it can be procured quickly through the G-Cloud 12 framework, via Ulysses eBrokerage Cloud Software.

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