Why ‘No-Jab, No Job’ Could Mean Problems for Domiciliary Care Brokerage

If anything ought to make people sit up and take notice it’s the prospect of care homes recruiting volunteers to keep running over the winter. What wasn’t reported so widely is that there’s a similar long-running staffing crisis in domiciliary … Read More

Could One Solution Streamline All Local Authority Adult Care Brokerage?

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Can Remote Brokerage Teams Keep the Hackers and Fraudsters Out?

The growth of remote working hasn’t just been good news for companies that sell video conferencing tools. It’s also been a bonanza for hackers and fraudsters according to data collected through FOI requests. Cyber attacks on IT used by local … Read More

Care Services Face a Surge in Demand – How Can They Be Helped to Cope?

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Could Streamlined Care Brokerage Be Just Around the Corner?

So much in the social care system revolves around brokerage. When brokerage runs smoothly care packages are placed within days (or even hours) to approved providers. Service users soon start receiving the care they need and people are released sooner … Read More

Brokering Care Packages By Outcomes – Why Not?

The idea of brokering care packages based on outcomes rather than hours isn’t new. For over a decade it’s been recognised as a potentially more empowering way to broker care; one that would be better for service users. It could … Read More

How Does it Feel to Be a Self-Funder New to the Care System?

Mary is a pensioner who lives on her own. She’s finding everyday tasks a bit much and needs help to cope. She’s not wealthy but she owns her home, has savings and a reasonable pension. She knows she will have … Read More

As Uncertainty in Adult Social Care Grows, Brokerage Must Become More Agile

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Is A&E Filling Gaps in the Social Care System?

According to a study by the Alzheimer’s Society, tens of thousands of people with dementia are avoidably admitted to A&E each year because of infections, falls and dehydration. Using FoI requests to NHS trusts the charity also found that there … Read More

Care Brokerage, Remote Working and Planning for the Future

When the guidance for people to work from home no longer applies, how will you react? And what would happen if there was a resurgence of Coronavirus or another emergency – an event that meant brokerage teams and other staff … Read More